'The Walking Dead' Now Ready for NVIDIA SHIELD


If zombies are the most popular thing in survival-horror movies and TV shows, then The Walking Dead is arguably the most popular thing in the zombie genre.

Robert Kirkman's best-selling graphic novel series may rule in the comic world, but Telltale's video game adaptation of The Walking Dead might actually be better. It has its own unique characters, a completely engrossing story, and boasts some of the best writing in the industry. What makes it even better is that all of the game's biggest plot changes come down to you, the player.

In Season 1 of the series (an episode DLC run of five parts), you play the role of Lee Everett, a convicted murder suspect who finds himself a free man in the chaos of the undead apocalypse. But the real star of the game is Clementine—an eight-year-old girl that Lee has to protect throughout the story. The bond between them is one of our favorite parts of The Walking Dead, and due to the game's expansive dialogue choices, you'll actually feel real concern over how you interact with Clementine.

There's a lot of other characters you'll come across, but we can't spoil the story for those who haven't played it. All we can tell you is that you'll have a lot of hard life-or-death choices to make as you're on the run. Zombies will eat your friends, no matter what you do. And you'll have to make plenty of sacrifices along the way, some of them coming around in no-win situations.

Of course, none of this would matter without good voice acting, and The Walking Dead delivers that in spades. We'd even say it's one of the best-casted video games in the last few years.

Don't think the game's all talking, walking, and reading, though. There's always a quick-time event right around the corner to keep you on your toes. If you're not ready to jump on the button when it counts, a zombie will likely pop up out of nowhere and wreck your day. Added in with the fact that there's a timer on just about everything in the active gameplay, you really can't afford to sit around and zone out.

It's pretty tense, but it's an awesome saga that's not remotely over yet.

The Walking Dead's first chapter is available for free for Android right now via TegraZone, but now it's also been fully optimized for NVIDIA SHIELD. That means you won't get any choppy animations or slow-down, thanks to the SHIELD's Tegra 4 processor, plus you also get the benefit of its traditional controller layout. That actually makes those pesky quick time events a lot easier for us.

Each one of the five episodes is $4.99, but with the Season Pass, you'll get the whole 30 dollars' worth of the Walking Dead experience at half the price, including the special DLC episode The Walking Dead: 400 Days for free.

This latest re-release is legitimately the best way to experience the 2012 survival-horror 'Game of the Year' on Android, so make sure to get it over on NVIDIA TegraZone, along with all your other SHIELD titles.