'Titanfall' DLC Announced, 'Expedition' Pack Hits This May

Gaming News

Most Titanfall fans have been waiting for some DLC to flesh out the multiplayer, and EA's set a new content date.

Polygon reported live from PAX East that the first Titanfall downloadable content pack will be dubbed "Expedition" and launch this coming May, bringing three new maps with it:

  • Swampland — Jungle ruins set against alien environments
  • Runoff — Requisite water level
  • War Games — Training simulator-based map

That content will cost $9.99, but there's always the Season Pass route for $24.99 if you expect to buy at least three DLC packs.

If not, there's plenty of free stuff coming up, too.

Respawn Entertainment will also be updating Titanfall with new game modes including a 2-on-2 "Last Titan Standing" game type.

Other plans in the works reportedly include HUD manipulation, Titan customization, new burn cards, hashtag-based multiplayer matching, and new rankings, all of which will supposedly be free patches to the basic experience.