Titanfall Frontier's Edge DLC Announced

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Respawn Entertainment has officially announced Titanfall Frontier's Edge, the second downloadable content pack for its critically-acclaimed mech shooter.

Launching on PC soon, the new Titanfall DLC introduces three all new playable multiplayer maps: a desolate mining colony simply dubbed Dig Site, the secluded and upscale Haven beach resort and a mining base embedded within the side of a mountain called Export.

All three maps will be featured in the forthcoming DLC, which is the second of three planned content packs for Titanfall.

Titanfall: Expedition, the first DLC pack released back in May, introduced players to another trio of maps including Runoff, Swampland and War Games.

Titanfall Frontier's Edge will be available to purchase on PC for $9.99. You can also save yourself a few bucks by getting the $24.99 Titanfall Season Pass, which grants you access to all three Titanfall DLC packs.

In order to play Expedition, Frontier's Edge and the upcoming final DLC pack, you must own a copy of Titanfall on PC.

Respawn hasn't announced an exact release date for when players can jump into Titanfall's new maps, but you can visit the game's official website for forthcoming updates on Titanfall Frontier's Edge.

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