Triad Wars On The Road To Open Beta

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Triad Wars is a massive, open-world PC game based in the same Hong Kong setting as 2012’s Sleeping Dogs; it’s currently in beta, and it’s100% free-to-play for PC gamers worldwide—you won’t find Triad Wars anywhere on the consoles! While it’s not an official follow-up (or prequel) to Sleeping Dogs, you’ll probably notice some similarities, mainly in the form of locations and landscapes. Starting from the bottom of a seedy criminal underworld as a Triad enforcer, you’ll need to pick one of three brutal gangs to join: Shing Wo, Sun On Yee, or the 18K. Right off the bat you can pick from a whole host of default enforcer styles and physiques, ranging from a tattoo-laced, mohawked punk, to a musclebound, tank-top-wearing ruffian. After establishing your loyalty and tackling a few rookie missions, you’ll be granted a small base to call your own, mostly consisting of a few ragtag buildings. If you’re a PC gamer looking for a AAA open-world experience to call your own, here it is.

Once you’ve got your base setup, you can begin laying out your scheme to take over the city. The main way to do this is by raiding the turf and safe houses of all your opponents—real-life players who are trying to construct their own criminal dynasties. But in a cool twist, Triad Wars isn’t considered an MMO by its developers. That’s because while the fictional Hong Kong is populated with lots of player-controlled real-estate, the raids themselves involve taking out AI-controlled bosses that represent their illicit interests. And while you’ll be tempted to just go guns-blazing into your rivals’ dens John Woo-style, all raids are timed, and once the clock runs out the cops will arrive to ruin your carefully plotted exploits.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to lengthen that pesky raid timer, giving you a leg up on the competition. For example, you can take part in various operations that grant you bonus ticks on the clock. These include good old fashioned car thefts, bold kidnappings, pedal-to-the-metal street races, and plenty more. In addition to raiding  bonuses, some side quests—such as attacking rival contacts, handling exports, and taking part in random encounters—can reward you with in-game currency or Face, which are both integral to unlocking upgrades and extra turf.

Speaking of in-game currency—simply referred to as Gold—you can use it to customize character appearance and clothes (you better believe there are hats!), vehicles, favors, guns, and more. While you can use your real-world cash to buy Gold, you absolutely don’t have to; everything is available to everybody who plays, though naturally, you can expect it to take a bit longer to get the good stuff if you go the wallet-free road. As the developers put it, “We’re committed to balancing the game for all players, not just those who choose to spend money.” Plus, if you buy items and level up in the beta, you can take comfort in knowing that your progress and loot won’t get vaporized once the game officially goes live—a rarity in betas such as this. According to United Front Games, there will not be any server resets or character wipes

Since the game is set in the hyper-violent world of clashing Triads, it’s probably not terribly surprising that the feet-on-the-streets combat is equally gritty. When the business end of your fists makes contact with your foes, you can practically feel it. Finishing moves result in slow-mo close ups of each painful strike. Evasion is just as important as offense though, and if the opponent is highlighted in red (and you’re fast enough with the button-presses), you can dodge their haymaker and plant a firm blow back at them in return. More a fan of jiu-jitsu and aikido than kung-fu? No problem—Triad Wars has grappling as well, and some pretty darn creative methods to utilize it. You can twist cops’ arms around and humiliate them with their own cuffs, smash people’s faces into activated table saws, send flailing victims into exposed electrical panels, or even lift up foes and deposit them into garbage bins.

All of that up-close and personal fighting, as well as the dirty neon landscape that makes up Hong Kong’s urban sprawl, has been recently enhanced by NVIDIA effects as of the game’s October 15th patch. Triad Wars is now more gorgeous and detailed than ever. If you own a latest generation GeForce graphics card, such as the GTX 980 Ti, GTX 980, GTX 970, GTX 960, or GTX 950, you’ll be in for a mesmerizing experience. If you own an older NVIDIA GPU, however, you’ll still be able to enjoy Triad Wars without a hitch. The recommended specs call for a GTX 560, and the minimum requirements need only a GTX 260. So long as you’ve got a 64-bit OS to accompany your video card, you’ll be pounding heads in no time.

By jumping into the Triad Wars’ beta now, you can begin exploring North Point and creating a fledging empire, one roughed-up thug at a time. Not only that, all your exploits, hard-fought territory, Gold, and level progress will carry over when the game goes live. The best part? It’s all absolutely free! When you’re not in-game, humiliating other enforcers and filling your pockets with currency, keep your eyes glued to the Triad Wars homepage for some soon-to-be-released Halloween challenges. Check back on for more awesome Triad Wars news coming soon!

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