Tropico 4 To Be Released This April

February 7, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

Tropico’s El Presidente returns for his fourth outing this April, Kalypso Media today revealed. Featuring more of the same, Tropico 4 builds upon the solid and well-received foundation of Tropico 3 by adding new superpowers, new ministers that can bent to El Presidente’s will, new disasters that have to be managed and rectified to ensure that the people are happy, and a whole new level of social network integration that sees updates posted to Twitter and Facebook, and screenshots of accomplishments automatically uploaded.

For those new to the series, Tropico places players in the shoes of El Presidente, the dictator of a tropical island paradise often at odds with the Western world. Players must decide how they want to rule, and in the process build an economy for the island, often with the aid of tourism. Devious strategies can be employed, and with a fair dose of humour the series manages to avoid any parallels to the real world, even when ‘dispatching’ dissidents. With regards to graphics, Tropico 3 featured beautiful sunsets and stunning vistas, often taxing the GPU in the process, so we look forward to seeing what Haemimont Games can do with the latest technology now available on the market.

For further information please visit the official Tropico 4 website.