Eagle Flight: Soar Above Paris in a Visceral VR Flight Sim Like No Other

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From the Wright brothers’ early flying machines to modern day wearable wingsuits simulating bird flight, mankind has always been fascinated by flying. But what if you could fly above Earth unfettered and without the assistance of planes or high-tech suits just like a bird in the sky? That’s precisely what Ubisoft Montreal aims to deliver in their brand new aerial virtual reality adventure, Eagle Flight.

Developed from the ground up for modern VR hardware including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, Eagle Flight allows players to soar through the skies as the powerful and majestic bird of prey, the eagle. Once you place your VR headset on, Eagle Flight lets you experience the thrill of flight from the perspective of an eagle thousands of feet above the planet or down below through both natural and man made structures.

Eagle Flight Screenshot

Eagle Flight features realistic bird flight simulation, physics and visuals, but the game’s stunning depiction of Paris, France is actually set 50 years after humans no longer inhabit Earth. Animals now roam our planet freely including everything from wild herds of deer running through the streets of Paris to other winged creatures you’ll cross flight paths with.

Eagle Flight Screenshot

Even though humans are not part of Eagle Flight’s depiction of the future, their massive, historic constructions still stand in the heart of Paris. The breathtaking medieval Notre Dame cathedral, the famous Eiffel Tower and many other iconic landmarks have been meticulously recreated so that you can fly over and through them in the game. In addition to Eagle Flight’s immersive single-player experience, the game also boasts competitive multiplayer for you to engage in aerial combat against real opponents in VR.

Eagle Flight Screenshot

Experience one of the most original flight sims to date in Eagle Flight, which is available today exclusively for VR gaming platforms.