Warface: Halloween Update Adds Scarily Good PhysX Effects

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NVIDIA GameWorks is the world’s best platform for game developers, encompassing all of the game-related technologies we’ve invented and refined over the years, and tools that enable rapid and fuss-free integration. Dozens of developers already use GameWorks effects to enhance their titles for PC players, and today Crytek joins that illustrious list with the addition of PhysX effects to their free-to-play shooter, Warface.

Warface’s advanced PhysX and Turbulence effects use the latest GameWorks features, delivering highly realistic interaction between particles, effects, and external forces, such as the helicopter downdraft demonstrated in our Warface Technology Trailer. To activate the GameWorks effects, simply open the in-game ‘Video: Quality’ options menu and select either 'NVIDIA PhysX Particles' Medium or High. Medium enables PhysX Particle Mesh debris effects, like stones and sparks being emitted from the site of an explosion, and High enables interactive Turbulence effects like the aforementioned helicopter downdraft.

A GeForce GTX 760 is recommended to enable all of the game’s bells and whistles, and PhysX High, but with a few tweaks you can likely enable it on other configs, too. To help you with that, load up GeForce Experience and click ‘Optimize’, which will automatically determine and apply the best Warface game settings for your system. Through GeForce Experience you can also capture and stream gameplay footage with ShadowPlay, and stream the game itself to a SHIELD device with GameStream.

For the definitive experience, update to our new GeForce Game Ready Driver and enable Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR), which will allow you to crank up the rendering resolution of Warface even on your 1080p monitor, resulting in significantly more detailed graphics. Learn more in our driver story.