Watch Dogs' Intricate Hacking System Detailed in New Trailer

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Watch Dogs is set to launch on PC and next-gen consoles exactly two weeks from today.

To mark its forthcoming worldwide release, Ubisoft has released a ten minute-long video that walks players through the game’s hacking system and how they can use it to their tactical advantage by actually turning it into a weapon.

As elite hacker Aiden Pearce, Watch Dogs empowers players by allowing them to manipulate everything in the city around them by infiltrating the fictionalized, near-future Chicago's central operating system (ctOS) with Aiden's mobile phone.

Aiden has access to more than 60 different hacks including gaining intel on its citizens, controlling traffic lights, and even triggering a devastating citywide blackout.

The trailer also provides an overview of Watch Dogs’ feature-rich multiplayer experience and introduces several key characters you’ll meet during the single-player campaign.

You can watch the high-definition “Watch Dogs 101” trailer above for the full rundown on those features.

Watch Dogs will be available worldwide on Tuesday, May 27. You can also reserve your copy of the game before then by pre-ordering it from numerous retails.

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