Watch Dogs Receives High Praise from Critics

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After two years of waiting, Ubisoft's Watch Dogs has finally hit PC and consoles.

Gamers worldwide have been itching to get their hands on the Chicago-based open-world hacker adventure for quite some time, and judging by the reviews so far, it's more than living up to the hype.

Not only is Watch Dogs posting extremely high scores from the gaming press, it's even breaking down online servers as thousands players rush to get cracking on it.

(And Uplay's been doing its best to keep with the rather insane demand.)

Just to briefly recap, here's some of the buzz from the gaming press so far:

  1. GameTrailers: "Watch Dogs has a remarkably well crafted world." [8.9/10]
  2. Game Informer: "The hacking abilities are a legitimate game changer." [8.5/10]
  3. PC Gamer: "Realizing another player is in your game is wonderfully unsettling." [87/100]
  4. Joystiq: "The world is obsessively detailed." [4/5]
  5. Shacknews: "Ubisoft hit it out of the park with Watch Dogs." [9/10]
  6. GameRevolution: "Watch Dogs is a superlative technical achievement." [4.5/5]
  7. Polygon: "Watch Dogs’ basic premise is one of its strongest hooks." [8/10]
  8. USgamer: "Phenomenal. No other word for it." [5/5]

In particular, Watch Dogs also netted high scores from the likes of Escapist Magazine's Jim Sterling, who praised the game's "embarrassment of riches" along with the "thriving open world and empowering premise" in his 4.5-star (out of 5) write-up.

All things considered, this easily looks like one of the year's best games, and should definitely lay groundwork for a sequel.

Watch Dogs is available for PC via Steam right now, and you can also pick it up for any other system via Ubisoft or any number of local gaming retailers. Have fun, guys.

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