Jen-Hsun Huang Keynote: GTX 690, GeForce Experience, and New Games

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In a packed auditorium in Shanghai, NVIDIA's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang unveiled the much anticipated GeForce GTX 690, a new desktop application called GeForce Experience, and some exciting upcoming games featuring advanced DirectX 11 and PhysX effects.

The GeForce GTX 690 is NVIDIA's latest flagship graphics card. Powered by two Kepler GPUs and with a total of 4GB of video memory, it is the fastest graphics card ever built. The GTX 690 also breaks new ground in industrial design. Constructed from a combination of aluminum and magnesium alloy, the card is both visually striking and extremely durable. A laser-etched LED "GeForce GTX" logo completes the package.


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Jen-Hsun Huang Keynote from the NVIDIA Gaming Festival, Shanghai.


GeForce Experience

The second surprise announcement of the evening was GeForce Experience, a desktop application that automatically optimizes game settings for a given PC.

One of the key advantages of PC gaming is the wide variety of graphics and game options that can be tweaked by the gamer. Gamers with modern hardware and optimized game settings can experience graphics with amazing fidelity. Unfortunately, four out of five gamers never touch game settings and play their game as it's configured out of the box. Often this results in subpar performance, poor graphics quality, or both. This is where GeForce Experience comes in.

GeForce Experience has two key functions. First, it automatically checks for driver updates and downloads the latest drivers to your PC; gamers no longer need to search the web for driver updates – GeForce Experience delivers them right to your desktop. Second, GeForce Experience detects the games on a user's PC and optimizes those games for the best framerate and image quality. The challenge is selecting the right setting for the countless combination of PCs and games out there. To facilitate this, NVIDIA has built a cluster of PCs—a GeForce supercomputer—to rigorously test between the vast number of hardware and software combinations. Optimal settings personalized for your hardware configuration are then delivered from the cloud to your GeForce-based PC via the GeForce Experience application, giving you the perfect balance of frame rates and quality settings for your games.

GeForce Experience determines a game's optimal playable settings on your PC.

"With GeForce Experience we can now help the gamer, every gamer, all 180 million of them, whether they understand computer graphics or not, to enjoy video games at its fullest," said Jen-Hsun. The GeForce Experience beta will be released on June 6th on

Jen-Hsun also showed off the upcoming mech combat game Hawken for the first time with GPU PhysX. As squads of mechs unleashed their weapons on each other, thick clouds of smoke and particles erupted, leaving a trail of persistent destruction and debris in the game world. It was the perfect complement to Hawken's fast-paced combat and gritty environment.

Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek made a special appearance to talk about the technology being developed for Crysis 3. Built natively in DirectX 11, Crysis 3 adds pervasive tessellation to characters and environments and adds volumetric lighting to particles. A scene of a foggy cove by a light tower was particularly captivating. Shafts of sunlight realistically cut through the forest and casted beams of shadows into an early morning fog. Cevat also showed off Warface, an upcoming free to play FPS also powered by CryEngine 3.

Hawken launches on December 12th 2012. Warface is expected to launch later this year.

June 7th 2012 Update

GeForce Experience was initially targeted for a public beta in June. However, we have decided to spend a little more time polishing the application to make sure the beta experience is great. We’ll keep everyone posted on the new beta date as we get closer.