Wavi Xtion: Kinect-like Device Coming to PC

January 4, 2011

By Jimmy Thang

While Microsoft's Kinect has been hacked to work on PCs, a similar/official device is heading its way over to PCs.

PrimeSense, a private Israeli company that licensed the Kinect technology, has partnered up with hardware manufacturer Asus to develop motion-controlled device "Wavi Xtion." Wavi Xtion will be featured at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas later this week.

Like the Kinect, the Wavi Xtion will be able to hook up to TVs; however, unlike Microsoft's gaming device, the Wavi Xtion's focus won't be on gaming. Rather, the device will allow people to use motion controls to navigate multimedia players and the web.

On the partnership between the two companies, ASUS general manager Kent Chien said, "ASUS combines its wireless cross-room solution with PrimeSense’s simple, intuitive, gesture-based control technology to allow users to enjoy and share PC content on TV with gestures." He added, "Wavi Xtion is the unprecedented living room experience that will revolutionize users' recreational lives."

Sfgate.com noted that, "There will also be APIs (application program interface) for third-party developers and a Wavi Xtion store where developers can sell motion-controlled apps."

While no price points have been revealed, the device is currently set for a Q2 launch this year.