Why DIY?

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The things that make PC gaming the greatest gaming platform of all time can be summarized in a single bulletproof argument: the best gaming platform is the one that looks, feels, and plays the way you want it to.

PC gamers have always enjoyed the privilege of being able to spec out, build or buy the type of system we want, whether it’s a sleek and silent box for the living room, a monster tower with plenty of room for multiple GPUs, or a laptop that does email at the office and drives triple displays at 5760x1080 for EVE Online at home. The same, of course, goes for our games, where we’ll choose what type of controller we want to use, how much detail we want in our textures, and even populate Skyrim’s Tamriel with mammoth chickens if we feel like it.

Sure, there’s a learning curve involved when you take on projects like building or upgrading your rig for the first time or taking on a project to carve out a window in your chassis and show off the luscious hardware inside. But doing these things can be likened to learning to play a musical instrument. The more you practice, the easier it gets. And the easier it gets, the more you can experiment. And the more you experiment, the more you’ll get out of your instrument.

That’s the essence of the do-it-yourself ethic: the process of learning how to put together, performance tune, and customize our own dream machines is a series of small, incremental steps that also teaches us how these amazing machines work and helps us master the tools necessary to alter them. And the result is a gaming experience tailored to our own tastes and abilities that no console could ever match.

That’s why we’ve opened up the GeForce Garage here at GeForce.com. It’s a place where you can quickly pick up the skills you need to build and customize your own gaming rigs - without accumulating a sad pile of discarded components, broken PC cases, and medical bills along the way.

Here at GeForce Garage you’ll find instructional videos at all levels, from ultranoob to the mod-ready. And it doesn’t matter if you feel like you’re ready to take on any of these projects just yet. Watching them can help you decide which ones to take on, give you insight into the kind of tools and workspaces you’ll need, provide you with a good idea of the risks - if any – involved, or even inspire you with your next bright idea.

In fact, think of the videos, build guides, tutorials, and primers here at GeForce Garage as tools in themselves - something to browse, experiment with, and use to make decisions about the kinds of projects you want to do. And as you get better at building and modding, you’ll quickly come to realize the answer to the question we began with: Why DIY?

Because we can.

So why do you DIY?

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