World of Tanks Patch Upgrades Graphics, Adds Historical Battles

Gaming News

The latest major content update for World of Tanks, Wargaming’s historically-based tank MMO, has rolled out worldwide. This isn’t your typical content update, though, as World of Tanks: New Frontiers (Update 9.0) introduces a slew of new features and modes that impact the experience in some exciting ways.

Most noticeably, the update upgrades ten of the game’s many tanks with new high-definition, highly detailed models, each with fully articulated tracks and other moving parts. Regular players will immediately notice that iconic war machines, starting with the Soviet T-54, American M4 Sherman, and German Tiger I, have been completely rebuilt from turret to track with impressive realism and attention to detail using laser scans of real-world tanks found in museums.

Eventually, all 300+ tanks will be given the same level of care and attention, and while this time-consuming process takes place Wargaming will continue to update other areas of the game, too. Of particular note is the upcoming introduction of fully-destructible worlds, which will see buildings crumble and topple when struck by tank and artillery fire.

New Frontiers also brings new physics enhancements, such as more realistic tank suspension behavior and the ability to blow apart tank turrets by destroying the ammo rack, in addition to the introduction of "Historical Battles," a brand new game mode that allows tankers to relive and participate in several important World War II tank battles.

To get started in World of Tanks, download the game client from the official website. For version 9.0 patch notes, head here.