YIDIY: Team Kill Ninja & Their MOD24 Titanfall Rig

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Up next in our highlight of cool rigs is another build from Mod24. This one's from Travis Jank and Rich Surroz of Team Kill Ninja, and is a Titanfall-themed Primochill chassis.

Why did you first get into into modding computers?

Rich: I first got into modding back when I was a deputy sheriff in the early 1990s. We received 286/386 PCs for word processing, When the PCs had problems, I was the only one who took interest in troubleshooting them. I ended up repairing the PCs there, and then others for friends (Yes, I became THAT guy everyone went to). The modding part involved learning to cable manage those pesky IDE ribbon cables to improve air flow (origami).

Later, when my wife got into vet school, I had to make a choice to either stay married or stay in law enforcement. I chose marriage and went back to college becoming a software engineer. I still had a love of hardware and kept building and modding.

Travis: Overclocking is what first got me into Modding, as I was pushing the limits of available cooling technology, using anything from ducting the outside cold Idaho winter air into my PC, Vapor Phase Change refrigeration to pouring Liquid Nitrogen on the processor. I was forced to MOD any case I could get my hands on as they did not properly accommodate enough optical drives, hard drives, fans and bulky cooling systems. Friends and family always asked what the heck I was doing so I cut side windows into my rigs to show and better explain the inner operations of a PC and the importance of cooling and performance.

Of all the skills you've learned, what would you say has been the most valuable?

Travis: Some of the many valuable skills I developed through modding include: electronics soldering, metal fabrication, painting, CAD, time management, project management, being a team player.

Rich: The most valuable lesson I have learned is to realize I do not have all the skills, so I value operating in a team-based environment. I also think outside the box - look for ways to do things differently or to bring in methods from outside the PC building arena.

After all these years, why do you still DIY?

Rich: I keep modding because people enjoy what I do and because I love sharing and teaching others. Well, I love the attention as well. What else am I going to do? Buy a console?

Travis: I mod because it's a way for me to relax and express creativity. Whether it is after a long day's work or an open weekend, I look forward to crafting something new in my garage. I love being able to work on something new and unique every time!

Onto the rig...

Component Product
Chassis Primochill O-Frame
Graphics Cards NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 (3x) with NVIDIA 3-way SLI bridge
CPU Intel Core i7-4770k Haswell 3.5GHz LGA 1150 84W Quad-Core Desktop Processor
Motherboard ASUS Z97-WS ATX
Memory Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3 (2133 MHz)
Storage Corsair Force LX 256GB SSD
Power Corsair HX1000i 80 Plus Platinum Full Modular
Cooling CPU Block: EKWB EK-Supremacy EVO-Nickel
GPU Blocks: EKWB EK-PC980GTX Full Coverage Nickel (3x)
Pumps: EKWB EK-D5 (2x)
Radiator: EKWB WK-CoolStream RAD XTX (360)
Reservoir: PrimoChill 240mm CTR Phase II High Flow D5 Enabled Reservoir System
Fittings: PrimoChill Rigid Revolver Cap Switch Over- Dual Tone Blue
Dye: Primochill UV Red Ice
Fans: Enermax Everest Advance UCEVA12T 120mm Blue LED (6x)

How much additional time did you invest into the rig after Mod24?

Travis: We put in a little over 1 week of work into rebuilding from the ground up and finishing the rig.

What enhancements/fixes did you do when you took the rigs home?

Travis: All three GeForce GTX 980 graphics cards are now liquid cooled with EK full coverage nickel plated blocks. In addition, we replaced most of the rigid tubing with new bends and an optimized flow path. And the "Ninja Pink" coolant was flushed and replaced with Primochill UV Red Ice.

Travis: The i7-4790K was performance tuned up to 5GHz Core clock and the 3-Way GTX 980s have been overclocked to 1500MHz for the ultimate gaming experience. The completed system was benchmarked with the Microsoft Windows Experience Index and the system achieved a perfect score of 7.9 on all tests!

Anything else you want to tell the lucky owner?

Travis: Frag on and enjoy this beast of a system as it tears through frames.


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