YIDIY: Pearce Dunlap & Bastion

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Earlier this year at QuakeCon 2017, GeForce Garage met Dallas resident Pearce Dunlap where he was showing off his very first PC case mod. Themed after Overwatch, the insanely popular competitive first-person shooter from Blizzard Entertainment, Pearce has taken the game’s theme “Heroes Are Needed Once More” quite literally, bringing the robot tank Bastion to life in surprising detail.

Check out the video below to see this amazing remote-controlled powerhouse in action.

When Pearce is not building killer robot PC mods, he works as a trainer and service tech for PolyPrinter, a 3D printer company. He also spends a great deal of time at the Dallas Makerspace helping to maintain and keep the various machines there in working order. Continue reading below to learn more about Pearce, Bastion and what he has planned next.

3D Printed & RC Controlled Bastion Specs

Component Product
Graphics Card GeForce GTX 980
Motherboard MSI X99A Raider

What was your first exposure to PCs and PC gaming?

When I was 12 or 13, my brother and I would play whatever game my dad would bring home. Then it eventually turned into playing multiplayer games on the school computers during computer class.

When did that evolve into building your own custom PC? Is Bastion your first mod?

This was my second year attending QuakeCon. Last year, I helped Mitch with his Fallout NukaCola case. After that BYOC was done I knew i had to make my own case mod. Bastion was my first case mod, which sprouted out of an off-hand joke while we were playing Overwatch.

What sort of planning did it take before you even started 3D printing for Bastion?

The first step was getting the tank model from the game and then fixing it. The tank mode starts with his upper body in a t-pose, so I had to grab a ton of in game screenshots of a bunch of us all using Bastion in a custom game and 'ulting' as much as possible.

Then I had to make the final shape match his tank transformation. I think that part started in Feb. Once I had the model the way i wanted it posed, I had to cut it into 3D printable parts that would fit all of the components, and fit on my print bed.

Then the printing began, it was around 350 hours in print time alone, probably another 150 in sanding, painting and refitting, breaking, reprinting and testing.

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Now that it’s completed, what improvements would you have wanted to implement?

I'd definitely get bigger motors for the wheels. I'd like for him to move a lot faster when rolling around in RC mode.

Where’s Bastion now?

Bastion now sits on the window bench in my office/game room. I had to move all the PC components out because they couldn't handle the tight enclosure temps.

What advice do you have for somebody who might want to start a project like this?

Triple check the measurements on your parts and account for cables and fittings for connections. Don't plan it on a tight budget. Things will come up,,, like a closed loop water cooler ruining a mobo the week before.

What’s do you have planned next?

Currently helping to wrangle the Waifus 4 Lifu clan. Tossing some new ideas around for case mods for myself. My wife had so much fun at QuakeCon, she wants to build her own PC and case mod, so I'll be helping her build that one before I start another personal build.

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